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Cell pathways involved in cervical dysplasia’ regression (study on cell culture model) [Summary]


CO- investigated E2HPV role in a cell culture model.
CaSki cells transfected with E2HPV recombinant were investigated for p53 expression levels (Real-Time). 
P1-UMF Iasi accomplished the protocols for immunocyto/immunohistochemistry detection of L1HPV.
The correlation between cytological/ viral data and p16 and L1HPV imunoreactivity allow us to elaborate an algorithm for cervical lesions’ prognostic
P2- IC Fundeni used microarray technology for investigating siRNA silenced pathways in a cell culture model accomplished by CO in Phase 2.
 The epigenetic regulation in CaSki cells transfected with  E6AP siRNA  was investigated. DNMTs (Dnmt3a and Dnmt3b) and MBDs expression levels were analyzed.

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