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Bioinformatics and Hardware Group

Project no. 11-034/2007

Nanostructured systems for viral antigens identification
used in medical diagnosis

Principal investigator
Stefan S. Nicolau Institute of Virology, Bucharest, Romania
ADDRESS: 285 Mihai Bravu Street, Po-Box 77-201, 030304 Bucharest, Romania, phone: +4021-324.53.50, fax: +4021-324.25.90
Principal Project investigator: C.N. Zaharia, PhD, corneliu.zaharia@virology.ro



National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest, Romania
ADDRESS: 105 bis Atomistilor Street, Bucharest-Magurele, Po-Box MG-7, code 077125, Romania, phone: + 4021-493.01.95, fax: + 4021-493.02.67, E-mail: frunza@ infim.ro
Principal Project investigator: Stefan Frunza, PhD, frunza@unifim.ro

National Research and Development Institute for Chemistry & Petrochemistry ICECHIM, Bucharest, Romania
ADDRESS: 202 Independence Street, District 6, Po-Box 35-174, 060021 Bucharest
General Manager: Eng. Sanda Velea, phone: +4021-316.30.72, fax: +4021-312.34.93, e-mail: general.manager@icechim.ro, Research Director: Dr. Eng. Emil Buzdugan, phone +4021-316.30.71, e-mail: dir.stiintific@icechim.ro
Principal Project investigator: Alexandrina Nuta, PhD, alexnuta1256@yahoo.com


Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iassy, Faculty of Textiles and Leather Engineering
ADDRESS: 53 D-trie Mangeron Street, Corp TEX1, Iasi-700050, Romania, phone: +40.232278683, fax: +40232-23.04.91, email: decanat@tex.tuiasi.ro
Principal Project investigator: Prof. Aurelia Grigoriu, PhD, augrigor@tex.tuiasi.ro

National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies IMT
ADDRESS: 126A Erou Iancu Nicolae street, 077190, Po-Box 38-160, 023573, Bucharest, Romania, phone: +4021-490.85.83, fax: +4021-490.82.38
General Manager: Prof. Dan Dascalu, dascalu@imt.ro, Director of the Department of Multidisciplinary Research: Dr. Dana Cristea, danac@imt.ro
Principal Project investigator: Irina Kleps, PhD, irinak@imt.ro