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Bioinformatics and Hardware Group

Project no. 11-034/2007

Nanostructured systems for viral antigens identification
used in medical diagnosis

Project Relevance

The project creates the conditions for the formation of a partnership between research from the area of materials physics (nanostructures and liquid crystals), fine synthesis chemistry (functionalization of surfaces with controlled topography, microtechnology (characterization of microstructures by means of atomic force microscopy, ellipsometry, etc.), human medicine (virusology) and the stimulation of the innovation (laboratory technologies based on advanced materials).

The multidisciplinary research will concretize by the development of an innovative technology based on complex approaching in the area of nanosystems using the principle of the optical amplification of the perturbations resulted from the specific  ligand-receptor interactions, based their visualization using liquid crystals and nanocavity systems; the proposed identification technique is high sensitivity and specificity, representing an alternative to the current viral induced medical diagnosis methods.

The projects aims the development of nanosystems based technologies, through the accumulation of knowledge resulted from experiments performed on solid functionalized surface or on inclusion compounds, which allow the creation of nanometric spaces which can be used to stabilize some interactions between molecules with different dimensions, ranging from small molecules to macromolecules.

The project contributes to the optimization of prevention methods of some viral disease. The proposed methodology belongs to the category of innovative technologies which can be applied in clinical analysis laboratories for medical diagnosis (virological) from private or public clinics, requiring minimal investment in medical devices and non highly qualified personnel.

The project complies with the general and specific objectives of the 4th Programme (development of biotechnologies with impact on life quality and economic development, development of new materials, products and processes with high added value.) and with the specific objectives of the 1.7.6. research direction: Micro fluidic technologies, micro/nano-biosensors, on-chip laboratories „microarrays”, micro and nano-structures and micro and nano-systems form medical diagnosis and treatment (including nanomedicine).

The purpose of the project is the design, development and testing of nanostructured systems for the identification of some viral antigens with relevance to the human pathology.