Sâmbătă, 22 Februarie 2020 EET
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Designul rational al unui vaccin terapetic anti HIV-1 bazat pe o formula inovativa de ARNm inglobat in nanoparticule/ Rationally designed therapeutic vaccine against HIV-1 based on a novel formulation of nanoparticle-protected mRNA” (HIV-NANOVA)


Dezvoltarea si testarea preliminara a unui vaccin candidat bazat pe ARNm ce codifica o secventa antigenica (HIVACAT), formulata pe baza unui design rational, ce cuprinde epitopi inalt conservati intre diferitele subtipuri HIV, care induc raspuns imun ce determina constant scaderea viremiei HIV, asociat cu alte specii ARNm (Trimix: ARNm ce codifica forma constitutiva a TLR4, CD40 ligand si CD70), care confera activitate adjuvanta puternica, inglobate in nanoparticule ce confera stabilitate si protectie.


Obiectiv engleza:

The development and preliminary testing of a candidate vaccine based on an mRNA encoding for a rationally designed antigenic sequence (HIVACAT), which was selected based on the fact that immune responses against these regions were associated with low levels of viral load and that the epitopes were relatively conserved, associated with a combination of other mRNAs, (TriMix encoding for caTLR4, CD40 ligand and CD70), which provide a  strong adjuvant activity, delivered in nanoparticles, that stabilize and protect the mRNAs.