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Department of Emerging Viral Infections

International projects

The team has established long term collaborative
relashionships with Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative,
Baylor College of Medicine Texas, USA, conducting common
projects in the field of HIV/AIDS such as:

Ongoing national projects

2005-2008- CEEX project 17/07/10/2005: Key elements in the control strategy of respiratory viral infections in swines – identification of ethiopathogenic diferences between circulating viral strainsProject director: S.N. Institutul Pasteur -Dr. Andrei Popovici, Partener: Institutul de Virusologie "St.S. Nicolau": Simona Ruţă

2006-2008 CEEX project 158/2006 Molecular mechanisms involved in the development of diagnostic systems and therapy of HCV infection- project director- INCDM Cantacuzino, Dr. Gabriela Oprisan , Partener: Institutul de Virusologie "St.S. Nicolau" Simona Ruţă

2005-2006- Grant of the Romanian Academy Evolutive particularities of the HIV1-subtype F- viral envelope, in the evolution of HIV infection, project director : Simona Ruta

2005-2007- Reasearch theme of the Romanian Academy- The role of multiple antiretroviral resistrence in the therapeutical failure of HIV infected patients (Evaluarea rezistentei multiple la antiretrovirale in esecul terapiei bolnavilor infectati cu HIV)- director Simona Ruta

2005-2007- Prioritary project of the Romanian Academy- Virological criteria for tratrment monitoring in HCV infection (Proiect prioritar al Academiei Romane Criterii virusologice pentru monitorizarea şi prognosticul tratamentului în hepatita C)-director - Simona Ruta

2004-2006 VIASAN, Molecular diagnosis in the evaluation of the incidence of sexual transmited diseases such as chlamydia and mycoplasmas”