Monday, March 27, 2023   03:56 EET


Electrophoresis Image Acquisition and Analysis System Biodoc - Biometra

Spectrophotometer for immunoenzymatic assays Sanofi - Pasteur

Molecular biology cabinet - nucleic acids extraction area - Microbiological biosafety cabinet class II, termoblock, centrifuges - Eppendorf

OpenGene System for sequence detection and control - Bayer Health Diagnostics TRUGENE - Innogenetics

Termocycler - DNA Engine BioRad

Flowcytometer Beckman Coulter EPICS-XL, laser 488nm

Cell culture laboratory - CO2 -thermostate REVCO Ultima II, Kendro Laboratory

Cell culture laboratory-laminar airflows cabinet

Nikon microscope with image detection and transfer system (video camera, UV-VIS)