Monday, March 27, 2023   04:19 EET

Animal Facility

The animal facility from Stefan S. Nicolau Institute of Virology has been organized using Techniplast IVC Sealsafe technology, which combine the barrier at the cage level with a ventilation system controlled by a microprocessor designed to supply the optimum number of air changes per hour into each cage and exhaust filtered air into the building extract system after HEPA filter decontamination. The system allows also the selection of positive pressure mode which will confer a double protection barrier for the animals involved in experiments, or negative pressure mode, which is necessary for human staff protection during quarantine period.

Our animal facility is involved in research projects on small rodents concerning:

  1. hematopoietic engraftment after human stem cell transplant in irradiated mice
  2. potential of hematopoietic stem cells in liver regeneration and therapy
  3. gene therapy for glioblastoma using mesenchymal stem cells as vehicle.


Mihaela Chivu, PhD – principal investigator
Coralia Bleotu, PhD St.
Steluta Mustatea – veterinary technician