Monday, March 27, 2023   04:08 EET

Instructions to authors

The texts should be elaborated in Romanian language, using Microsoft Word 97, Word 2000 or 2002 programs and should be send to our editorial office on 3.5 magnetic records, USB stick, CD or DVD, together with one presentation copy on which the insertion point of unelaborated graphics, figures and tables or of those that are not imported in Microsoft Word should be marked. The texts format options should be: font Times New Roman CE 10 pt, format A4, margins top 2 cm, botton 2.5 cm left 3 cm, right 2 cm, header and footer 1.25 cm, and line spacing 1.5. The authors are requested to enclose a complete printed list of “macros” and their graphic’s equivalents.

The tables, graphics and figures elaborated in Word programs or the articles that are not imported in this program, should originally be (comprised) in the text (together with the corresponding explanations). Those articles that are not a part of the previous mentioned category should be published or printed on white papers, with max. contrast, and at the dimension of their appearance in the journal. In this case as in the cass  of photos a list with explanation should be enclosed.

The articles should contain: the title, the name of the author, the place where they work (the title and the address), an abstract of max. ten rows, 1-5 keywords, an introduction, materials and methods, results, methodologies, polemics and conclusions. The English version of the title and the abstract should be enchosed next to the article.

References should be presented in the end of the articles and should be cited in the text in their order numbers. In the case of cited articles it should be mentioned in a certain orders: the names and the initials of the first three author’s surnames, the title of the article and journal in accordance with the International abbreviations, the year, the volume number (bold), the number of first page (and the last). For example: Pimpinelli N., Borgagnoni L., Riccardi R. et al, J. Invest Dermatol., 1991, 97, 537-548. For quotations from books or handbooks the title, the editor, the city, the year, the volume and the pages should be indicated.

The articles should contain the signatures of the author, their exact address, the email for contact and telephone numbers. Articles published in other journals or in course of apparition should be not approved for publishing.