Monday, March 27, 2023   03:35 EET

Bioinformatics and Hardware Group

In bioinformatics the projects uses the mathematical tools to extract useful information from data produces by modern biological techniques.

Bioinformatics is important because it has many beneficial uses in present. These include, among others, the followings: molecular medicine (gene therapy, more drug targets, personalized medicine, preventive medicine), microbial genome applications (biotechnology, antibiotic resistance, evolutionary studies).

Bioinformatics, microarrays and proteomics have an important impact on investigating host and pathogen interactions for both bacteria and viruses.

Among many major research areas in the bioinformatics are: sequence analysis (genome adnotation), computational evolutionary biology, analysis of gene expression, analysis of protein expression, analysis of mutation in cancer, prediction of protein structure, comparative genomics, modeling biological systems, high throughput image analysis.

Bioinformatics uses many software tools. The best known tool is BLAST, an algorithm for searching large databases of protein or DNA sequences. Computer scripting languages such as Perl and Python are often used to interface with biological databases. Many applications are written in C/C++ or Java languages. Today exists bioinformatic meta search engines, such as Sequence profiling tools, for finding information from several databases. SOAP-based bioinformatics web services lead to the next generation tools in the integrated platform. In this case an application running on one computer in one part of the world use algorithms, data and computing resources on servers in other parts of the world.