Monday, March 27, 2023   03:11 EET

Research - Hepatitis

Prof.  Costin Cernescu conducted surveys on viral hepatitis and associated risk behaviors in children from Romanian orphanages and in Romanian prisons, studies on the efficiency of the universal anti HBV immunization programme and introduced the molecular assays for monitoring the natural and under treatment evolution of parenterally acquired viral hepatitis.

Present research directions developed by IVN in these fields are focusing on :

The most recent project is developed in collaboration with Cantacuzino Institute, Victor Babes Hospital, UMF Carol Davila and DSP Timisoara- 2006-2008 CEEX project 158/2006 - Molecular mechanisms involved in the development of diagnostic systems and therapy of HCV infection. As HCV variability appears to alter the performance of the current serological HCV diagnostic tests the project is focusing on the molecular characterization (mutations, recombination, overlapping ORF) of HCV viral strains from Romania; as well as on the development, optimization and validation of diagnostic assays (ELISA) based on detection of the new protein , core+1, as a  diagnostic and/or prognostic marker value. The expected results include: