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STAMINA - H2020 project

        Demonstration of intelligent decision support for pandemic crisis prediction and management within and across European borders



        Molecular Profiling of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Acute Myeloid Leukemia for Designing Early Diagnostic, Prognostic and Treatment Strategies


Anticancer nanoparticulate systems

         Development of anticancer nanoparticulate systems based on novel metal complexes


Male Infertility Diagnosis

         Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Male Infertility Diagnosis Based on New Molecular Approaches


Early hrHPV infection

         ND10 bodies dynamic switch in viral chromatin remodeling during early hrHPV infection




         Proteomic screening of bronchoscopic biopsies-on-chip for improved prediction of anti-PD-1 responses in real-time



Oncogenes - finalized in 2017

         The role of E6/E7 HPV16 oncogenes in chromatin remodelling through components of NuRD complex (MBD2, MBD3)


Molecular markers - finalized in 2016

Implementation of a complex genome profiling diagnostic algorithm for patients with congenital and developmental abnormalities (CONGEN)