Thursday, September 23, 2021   23:17 EET

PN III- European and International Cooperation- Subprogram 3.2-Horizon 2020

“Stefan S. Nicolau” Institute of Virology - Partner

Project Code ERANET-PERMED-project acronym - BronchoBOC contract no. 140/2020


Project title: Proteomic screening of bronchoscopic biopsies-on-chip for improved prediction of anti-PD-1 responses in real-time.


The consortium consists of 7 partners: Greece (2), Romania (1), Italy (2), USA (1), Germany (1), the project started on 01.06.2020 and has a duration of 36 months


Our study aims to examine the applicability of an innovative cell culture system in dynamic 3D system (tumor-on-chip) in predicting the responses of patients diagnosed with NSCLC (Non-small cell long cancer) in real time in order to understand the lack of the response to PD1 (immunotherapy) treatment.

To achieve this goal, partner organizations will develop and characterize, using molecular and cellular analyzes, the responses of 3D micro-cultures of bronchoscopic biopsies from primary lung tumors to anti-PD1 treatment. Using machine learning methods, bioinformatics algorithms will be developed that will allow the correlation of molecular data given by the tumor-on-chip system with the clinical response of patients to detect the best predictive biomarkers. The data obtained will also be analyzed by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)